Wakka develops a Shimanami Kaido cycling support business based in Omishima.

From March, 2020, "WAKKA", a comprehensive cycling facility equipped with convenient and pleasant service facilities, has opened.

Accommodation, cafe, maintenance pit, shower & laundry etc. are provided.

The cafe is fully equipped with both open air and indoor seats, and you can bring your own bicycle.

There is no doubt that you can feel like a resort on a sunny day!


ジャンル / カフェ・宿泊

住所 / 愛媛県今治市上浦町井口6691-1

営業時間 / 9:30-18:00(カフェ11:00-17:00)

電話 / 0897-72-9305

定休日 / -

駐車場 / あり

サイクルスタンド / あり



Category: Cafe, Accommodation

Address: 6691-1, Inokuchi, Kamiura, Imabari, Ehime

Opening: 9:30 a.m. - 18:00 p.m.(Cafe 11:00 a.m. - 17:00 p.m.)

Holiday: -

Car parking: 〇

Bicycle parking: 〇

※Business on Tuesday is Accommodating only. Last Call of Foods on Cafe is 14:00.

Omishima Trip Guide

愛媛県今治市にあるサイクリングの聖地 しまなみ海道の中心・大三島の情報を発信しています! We provide information of "Omishima", as known as Cyclists' Sanctuary. It is a part of "Setouchi islands" and "Shimanami". Imabari, Ehime.


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